Bad news for Delhi government employees and pensioners, No DA, DR hike for till July 2021 – affect 2.2 lakh families

Bad news for Delhi government employees and pensioners, No DA, DR hike for till July 2021 – affect 2.2 lakh families

Bad news for Delhi government employees: To save cash to combat COVID-19 within the metropolis, the Old Delhi government has taken a serious call. The Old Delhi government has placed on hold a hike within the inflation-linked allowance for around a pair of.2 large integer staff and pensioners until the gregorian calendar month pair of021. the large step follows the same step by the Centre. The Old Delhi finance department has issued associate order endorsing the central government’s order to place on hold hike in the public prosecutor and DR until gregorian calendar month 2021.

देश भर में स्वयं सहायता समूहों द्वारा एक करोड़ से अधिक फेस मास्कतैयार किये गये

Delhi government staff and pensioners can still receive public prosecutor and DR, severally, at the present rate — seventeen percent — until gregorian calendar month thirty, 2021. The expensiveness allowance for workers and expensiveness relief for pensioners was due from January 2020.

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Delhi government order
“The Centre’s order on the difficulty of the public prosecutor and DR has been supported by the {delhi|Delhi|Old Old Delhi|city|metropolis|urban center} government and it’ll even be applicable on Delhi government staff and pensioners,” Old Delhi government official aforesaid. cash saved by the move may be accustomed to combat COVID-19 within the metropolis, the official aforesaid.

Bad news for Delhi government employees Families of 2.2 lakh Delhi employees and pensioners hit

Umesh Batra, general secretary of Old Delhi government staff welfare association, aforesaid that the move can have an effect on around a pair of.2 large integer state staff and pensioners.

Centre’s move
Last month, the Union government had proclaimed a four percent increase in expensiveness allowance (DA) for its fifty large integer staff and sixty-one large integer pensioners starting January one, 2020. however, it recently froze the inflation-linked allowance insight of the coronavirus pandemic. many states have followed suit.

“In the read of the crisis arising out of COVID-19, it’s been set that extra instalment of expensiveness allowance collectable to central government staff and expensiveness relief (DR) to central government pensioners due from January 1, 2020, shall not be paid…The additional instalment of the public prosecutor and DR due from Dominion Day, 2020, and January 1 2021 shall conjointly not be paid,” the Department of Expenditure aforesaid in an associate-workplace note.


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