LIC launches a modified PMVVY pension scheme. Check interest rates, other details here, 100% guaranteed pension

LIC launches a modified PMVVY pension scheme. Check interest rates, other details here, 100% guaranteed pension

PMVVY pension scheme: After the finance ministry changed PM Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY) pension theme for senior voters, the life assurance Corporation of Bharat (LIC) has launched the non-linked, non-participating, plan backed by the Centre. The finance ministry had recently extended the plan until 21 March 2023 with an Associate in the Nursing assured rate of seven.40% p.a. for FY 2020-21.

This set up is going to be obtainable purchasable commencing from Tuesday for 3 money years up to March 2023, LIC same in a very statement, adding that the theme may be purchased offline in addition as for on-line from the LIC web site. LIC is entirely approved to run the theme that gives a complete payout not prodigious large integer.

PMVVY pension scheme: Revised PMVVY launched by LIC.

The policy incorporates a 10-year tenure and for policies sold-out within the initial money ending March 2021, the theme can give Associate in Nursing assured rate of come of seven.40% once a year however are going to be collectible monthly for the whole length of ten years. Senior voters will draw a minimum pension of ₹1,000 per month counting on the quantity endowed within the theme. the utmost pension quantity is restricted,250 per month.


For policies sold-out throughout successive 2 money years, the applicable assured rate of interest is going to be reviewed and determined at the start of every fiscal year by the govt. The minimum investment has conjointly been revised to ₹1,56,658 for the pension of ₹12,000 once a year and ₹1,62,162 for obtaining a minimum pension quantity of obtaining per month below the theme.

The minimum price for monthly mode is ₹1,62,162, ₹1,61,074 for quarterly pension, ₹1,59,574 for half-yearly mode and ₹1,56,658 for yearly mode. the utmost pension one will get below this theme are going to be ₹9,250 per month, ₹27,750 per quarter, ₹55,500 half-yearly and ₹1,11,000 on annual payout basis, LIC said.

The total quantity of price below all the policies below this setup and every one the policies taken below earlier versions of the theme allowed to an oldster shall not exceed prodigious large integer.

The theme may be purchased by a payment value|price|terms|damage} and therefore the pensionary has the choice to decide on either the quantity of pension or the acquisition price. At the time of shopping for the theme, the pensionary will select a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly or yearly mode of pension.

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On survival of the pensionary throughout the policy term, pension behindhand (at the tip of every amount as per mode chosen) shall be collectible, LIC said, adding that on the death of the pensionary throughout the policy term, the acquisition value shall be refunded to the nominee/legal heirs.

If the pensionary lives through the policy term, the acquisition value, and therefore the final pension installment shall be collectible.

The policy conjointly permits loans up to seventy-five p.c of price when 3 policy years. The theme conjointly permits for premature exit for the treatment of any critical/terminal ill-health of self or better half and therefore the surrender price collectible shall be ninety-eight p.c of the acquisition value.


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