Key Decisison In The 7th meeting of the Central Working Committee of the EPS 95 National Agitation Committee (NAC) was successfull

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National Agitation Committee

Shirdi (Maharashtra)

Date – 17.04.2022

The 7th meeting of the Central Working Committee of the EPS 95 National Agitation Committee (NAC) was successfully completed. :-

The committee expressed serious concern over the increasing mortality rate, pathetic and dying condition of pensioners who are leaving the world day by day.

On one hand the Hon. Prime Minister promised to accept the demands of pensioners and on the other hand EPFO is forming committees over committee to delay the whole issue?


We have a complete faith in Hon. Prime Minister and Hon. Smt. Hema Malini ji but we do not have any faith in the EPFO ​​at all.

We shall win or we shall die slogan was being retreated all along.

Old pensioners are ready to make serious agitations from the village streets to the almighty Delhi.

News Detail :-

7th Central Working Committee Meeting :- Hotel J.K. Palace Shirdi (Maharashtra)

Lamp Lighting and Inauguration

National President of NAC, Chair person of CWC meeting and the Chief Guide Hon. Commander Ashok Raut ji was present along with the central team. The presence of top leaders of 22 states, including all state Presidents/secretaries/coordinators.

The inaugural lamp was lit and the prayers were offered to photo of Shri Sai Baba by the NAC Chief and the present dignitaries. Thereafter, Hon.Commander Ashok Raut ji inaugurated the 7th CWC meeting.

Welcome-Hospitality :-

All the guests were honored and welcomed at the entrance by the organizers -.

Introductory Speech

The Program organizer and organization secretary of West India Shri Subhash Pokharkar ji made the introductory and welcome speech.

The National General Secretary of NAC elaborated the purpose and importance of the CWC meeting.

Discussion session :-

In tensed discussions were carried out during the session on various important topics related to EPS 95 pensioners. The case of increasing death rate of pensioners, meager pension amount, higher pension issue , even after EPFO’s own letter dated 23.03.2017, crooked and cruel policy of EPFO against the helpless pensioners, pensioners not having any kind of medical facility and the step-motherly treatment by the Government towards EPS 95 pensioners were discussed in details.

Under the initiative of Hon. Smt Hema Malini ji, we were assured by the Hon. Prime Minister twice. Thereafter, on 08.02.2022  the meeting of the NAC representatives with the Union Finance Secretary was conducted.  There was an intense discussion on the issues like non-acceptance of the demands till today, formation of non performing committees again and again by the EPFO as a delay tactic. All the leaders expressed their views on the feelings of the pensioners of their respective states, organization expansion in their state and the extent to which the future agitations can be carried out.

EPFO is trying to mislead the CBT members by playing devious tricks against pensioners. On the one hand, after receiving the contribution of 6 crore employees every month and keeping the interest with them, even after holding an amount of about 6 lakh crores in the pension fund, they are taking budgetary support from the Government for payment of minimum pension of Rs.1000. They are trying to show that EPFO ​​does not have any money for pension increase. This blatant lie of the EPFO needs to be exposed.

Employees’ representatives in the CBT were not at all successful in convincing the EPFO or the Government about the demand of the minimum pension of Rs.7500+DA (for the living of two persons), neither have been successful in getting our proposal approved by the CBT. Even after the Supreme Court’s decision dated 4.10.2016 in the matter of higher pension and even after EPFO’s own letter dated 23.03.2017, pensioners are not being provided their entitlements and pensioners are forced to go to courts again and again.

The EPFO is providing Rs 2000 monthly medical allowance to its employees from our funds but pensioners are being denied medical facility. Government of India is running other pension schemes smoothly but step- motherly treatment is being given to the poor EPS 95 pensioners.

Due to all these above reasons, the anger among the pensioners is at its peak.

On the strength of unity of EPS95 pensioners of the country, and by awakening the political will power of the Government, we need to increase the membership and to strengthen the district units economically. It is  also need to increase the intensity of the agitations.

In the CWC- Following decisions have been taken

Subject No. – 1.

Points of 6th CWC meeting Jamshedpur (Chhattisgarh) – Confirmed.

Subject No. – 2. NAC Agitations in near future. Confrontational Agitations :-

Continuing the Chain hungar Strike of NAC Headquarters Buldhana till the 4-point demands are not accepted and expanding it effectively throughout the country by increasing the intensity of the nationwide EPS 95 Pensioners Bachao Abhiyan.

Also a letter/message to be given to the Hon. Prime Minister / the MPs of respective area, process of sending the  notices to the MPs will be continued unbroken.

In the next phase under the confrontational Agitation Gheraoing CBT members / Union Ministers / MPs and giving notice of fasting / fast until death at their offices or residence.

To effectively conduct an unbroken chain hungar strike / fast until death in the capital of the country,New Delhi.

Note: – Please be ready for the Delhi agitation, NAC leaders and members of all states. First of all for this movement, A request letter will be sent to the Hon. Prime Minister citing all the facts, a month’s notice will be given and after that the this drastic step shall be announced.

Promotional and Creative agitation is also necessary to do the above confrontational movement successful:-

Subject No. – 3.Strengthening of NAC :-

To expand / enable the organization power of NAC, add more associations / unions / federations / individual members and form district units in the remaining 215 districts of the country, etc.

 It is absolutely necessary for every pensioner to connect his wife with the Mahila Front in order to expand NAC’s support wing ie the Mahila Front in every district.

Add Associate Members on Zero Payment basis and the active member with annual fees of Rs.120/-.

The work of expansion of NAC website to add active member will be completed by Shri Bapuji Patra National Secretary (IT) and his team in the next fifteen days.

Subject No. – 4. Constitution of Finance Committee :-

A Finance Committee will be constituted by the NAC Chief to implement the recommendations of the M.M Siddiqui Committee report So that, the amount received in the form of individual/associations as an annual membership fees can be proportionately distributed to the district / state / center. This system will be same in all the states.

Subject No. – 5 Constitution of Ethics Committee. :-

Ethics committee will also be constituted by the NAC Chief within the next fifteen days, so that all of us can follow the right organizational ethics and prove to be the best for the organization.

Subject No. – 6. Constitution of Liaison Committee :-

To provide good facilities to the pensioners, contact committee should also be formed by the state committee for each EPF office and its full details should be sent to the center.

Subject No. – 7. Creative initiative of NAC to connect the missing institutions with the EPS95 scheme:-

We need have a liaison cell to cooperate with the EPF offices. So that the individual problems/complaints can be addressed effectively.

Also, under the ambit of social security the number of EPS95 members can be increased. This work can be done by creating awareness and through publicity/media.

Subject No. – 8. Cooperation by NAC in respect of settlement of pending grievances of pensioners:

The details of EPF office level / individual complaints which are pending at various offices should be sent to the District President / State President of NAC or Headquarters of NAC so that the members can be helped in providing justice.

Subject No. – 9. Role of NAC to provide necessary facilities at EPF offices :-

At present, by providing necessary facilities at the EPFO ​​offices of the country, suggestions should also be sent to the headquarters of NAC to make them convenient, dynamic and sensitive. Correspondence can be done with the concerned offices.

Subject No. – 10.

The Well wishers of the EPS95 pensioners ie. The Hon MPs who fought for us in the Parliament will be honoured by the NAC. :-

All such Hon. MPs will be honored by the district presidents of NAC who have supported the demands of pensioners in Parliament. They will again be requested to provide immediate justice to the pensioners.

Subject No. – 11. Announcement of upcoming CWC meeting :-

Chief Coordinator of South India, Shri Ramakant Nargund ji proposed to organize the upcoming CWC meeting in South India before 30th June 2022, which the the CWC members gladly accepted.

Guidance and speech of the Hon.NAC Chief on the above topics

In the meeting of the CWC, an announcement of the above decisions was made by the Hon. Commander Ashok Raut ji in his speech. The same was strongly welcomed and supported by one and all.

In his speech, the National President said that it is necessary for us to have patience with courage , the BOTH . However, patience also has its limit. Further he said that though we have faith in the Hon. Prime Minister but we have to be fully vigilant about the motives of the system. Our members are leaving this world day by day.

Therefore, the Government must accept EPS 95 Pensioners four point demands at the earliest and they should not test our patience.

Presence of dignitaries and participation in discussion session :-

Sarv- shri, Virendra Singh ji Rajawat – National General Secretary,S.N. Mishra – National Organization Secretary and President Bihar, K.S. Tiwari – National Vice President, Asharam Sharma – National Vice President, Gamanbhai Dave – National Vice President,  Om Shankar Tiwari – National Secretary, Bapuji Patra – National Secretary (IT), Sardar Surendra Singh Ji – Chief Coordinator in charge North India and President Uttarakhand, Tapan Dutta – Chief Coordinator East India,CM Deshpande – Chief Coordinator West India, Ramakant Nargund – Chief Coordinator South India, Jatinder Vir Singh – President Punjab, Shyamlal Sharma – President Himachal Pradesh, Yogendra Sharma – State General Secretary Rajasthan, Suresh Dangwal – State General Secretary Uttarakhand,

Rajesh Singh Tomar – Organization Secretary, Madhya Pradesh, R. C. Patel – President Gujarat, Poritosh Chakraborty – President Meghalaya, Ganeshchandra G Deka – President Assam, Pankaj Das Gupta – State General Secretary West Bengal, Amiya Kumar Das – State Treasurer West Bengal, Ajaz Ur Rehman – state Coordinator Chhattisgarh, Ramakant Gaonkar – state Secretary Goa, Mrs. Srilakshmi – State President Telangana, C.S. Deshpande – Telangana, Chakrapani – Telangana, P. Balaji – President Tamil Nadu, Natarajan – Tamil Nadu, Radhakrishnan – Tamil Nadu, G.S.M. Swamy- President Karnataka,Nagaraja – vice president Karnataka,K. P. Mandali – Gen. secretary Karnataka,

Sai Bhaskar Prasad – President Andhra Pradesh, S. N. Ambekar – President Maharashtra, Kamalakar Pangarkar – Working President Maharashtra, DM Patil – Coordinator Maharashtra, etc. leaders were present.

Presence of National Women Front leaders :-

National President of Women’s Front, Smt. Shobha Aras,

Smt. Jayshree Kivlekar – National working President of Women’s Front,

Mrs Sarita Narkhede – Organization Secretary West India,

Mrs Kavita Bhalerao – President Maharashtra also expressed their views and made a special call to connect women power with the organization.

A word gratitude :-

Shri Subhash Pokharkar ji – President Organizing Committee expressed its gratitude to all the dignitaries.

Special thanks :-

Big Salute to Shri Subhash ji Pokharkar – Chairman Organizing Committee and the entire NAC Ahmednagar team.


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