Dear Sirs

I am one of about 65 lacs EPS 95 PENSIONERS scattered all over the country. We are fighting for justice invoking our fundamental right to live, lead respectable lives with a decent pension. Today we are not able to make a living as we are post 60 years of age more so even 70 or 8Os.  All of us retired at different points in time and most of us are receiving a paltry pension of Rs1000/- or more in certain cases. One can imagine our lives with this pension without Medical facilities.

Brief Background :

We got a favorable order from Hon’ble Kerala High court which directed EPFO to pay our due based on enhanced pension with arrears. The condition being the members /petitioners have to pay the total one side PF received from EPFO  with INTEREST to EPFO. The other Hon’ble High courts have also passed a similar verdict in EPS 95 pensioners /petitioners. Meanwhile, EPFO contested the KERALA high court order facing rejection ( then with review /revisions /SLP  with the Hon’ble Supreme court. While the Kerala court rejected EPFO the appeal, SC has after hearings constituting a larger (3 member bench). The case is likely to come up for hearing on 4.3.2022. No. cases are pending before SC. Attorney general SRI KK VENUGOPAL JEE also appeared for the Government and argued in hearings before.

Now the approach

My opinion is we are scattered and despite our few organizations like that of PRAVEEN KOHLI’S EPS 95 (SEWA GROUP II), EPS 95NATIONAL AGITATION COMMITTEE(NAC) grievances redressal forum SEWA GROUP, NAC ….etc are also putting up a fight to help us.  However, we have no oneness as such or pivotal point to take this cause effectively. Though updates are on Facebook etc yet we are not aware of the arguments etc.

 I  am of the view that if we are able to Put up and argue with the help of  SENIOR COUNSEL(S) at  SC who have demeanor and understanding, we can certainly win.

IT FIRM for database of 65 lacs members ( Here Sri Praveen Kohli will be of help) with EPFO details of members,  nominee and whatever is needed, the letter of authority in your/selected Legal firm’s favor to represent them

Social welfare organizations can pitch in and represent in  Media houses, Republic TV,  TIMES NOW ….MIRROR NOW.  and interact for one full page AD SHOWING THE PLIGHT OF EPS95 PENSIONERS in Times of India, Hindu, and National dailies. They too can take up with legislatures for action.

Where you Pitch in

Being experts in the respective field you can help EPS 95 PENSIONERS  as above

What is in for you

1. You can help the EPS 95 with successful representation legally and other platforms, professional Management

2. All the agencies ( LEGAL FIRM, IT FIRM FOR DATABASE,  ADV FEES DAILIES, etc plus all expenses  

3. You can touch base with EPS95 MEMBERS  ask for fees up to RS.500 to RS.1000 per member.  REGISTER THEM, ACKNOWLEDGE THEM IN THE DATABASE. You can see the resource of 65  lakhs people

4. I can be of help to coordinate free of cost if health permitting

A lead organization of repute duly registered can come and take the lead in coordinating with all agencies and write on Facebook as to their address mail id and cell/ telephones numbers. They can thus connect with 65 lakhs members and settle one-time fees too. You are not to assure on winnability of the case but assure of your sincere services and sound arguments to represent legally and other forums.

You can  get in touch with me if required at my numbers, mail id or Facebook medium

I would be personally grateful for your expert feedback/ views and positive response

Best Wishes and Kind Regards

T S Narasimhan


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