Good News for EPS 95 Pensionder Hon. Smt. Rakshatai Khadse, MP of Raver said committed to provide justice to the pensioners


National Agitation Committee Muktainagar (Maharashtra)-Dated 13.04.2022

NAC Central team met Hon. Smt. Rakshatai Khadse, MP of Raver (Maharashtra) NAC delegation was lead by Dr.Shri PN Patil National Chief Advisor and Shri Vilas Patil Chief Coordinator NAC Headquarters. They narrated the grievances of EPS 95 pensioners to Hon. MP Madam.

How the EPS 95 pensioners have been cheated and are still being cheated by the EPFO, was elaborately explained.

The delegation  handed over all the important documents to the honorable MP and requested for immediate solution of the problem.

The Hon. MP listened carefully to the delegation, expressed concern about the condition of the pensioners and gave concrete assurance from her side to provide justice without delay.

Further the MP said that- I am committed to provide justice to the pensioners.

NAC delegation included Sau.  Sarita Narkhede Organization Secretary West India Mahila Front, Shri BS Narkhede Treasurer NAC Headquarters, Shri Madhukar Chopde, Working President

Jalgaon , Shri Kashinath Teli Working President, Shri SP Pundkar Treasurer, Shri Madhukar Shrikhande Senior Leader Muktainagar, Buldhana  District President Mr. Prakash Mirge, Distt Joint Secretary Mr. Ashok P. Raut, Mr. Jagannath Machhale and women front leaders Dr.Sau. Jayshree Patil, Malkapur, Shri ME Firke Tehsil Vice President Malkapur, Vidyatai Patil, all senior NAC leaders of Malkapur and Muktainagar were present.

Special thanks to Hon.MP Madam .

Hundreds of salutes to the NAC Central team and Muktainagar team.

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