Invitation given to Shri Bhupinder Yadav ji, Labor Minister gladly accepted the invitation ofNational Convention of EPS 95 Pensioners


National Agitation Committee:-

New Delhi -Dated 06.04.2022

Shirdi-National Convention of EPS 95 Pensioners. Invitation given to Shri Bhupinder Yadav ji, Union Labor Minister, Government of India, New Delhi to be the Chief Guest of the Shirdi-National Convention organized under the aegis of NAC on 18.04.2022.

Labor Minister gladly accepted the invitation, showed sympathy towards EPS 95 pensioners and showed consent to be present in the national convention.

Former Minister of State for Defence and MP of Dhulia, Dr.Shri Subhash Bhambre ji was present with the NAC delegation as a well wisher of NAC.

News detail- Under the guidance of the  National President of NAC  Hon Commander Ashok Raut ji-To invite the chief guest/guests- Shirdi National Convention- Organizing Committee team reached Delhi.

Shirdi-National Convention Organizing Committee President and NAC West Zone Organization Secretary Shri Subhash ji Pokharkar, West Maharashtra President Shri Devising Anna Jadhav, senior NAC leaders Shri Bhagwant Walke and Shri Sanjay Patil, Organizing Committee member, reached Delhi along with  some eminent personalities who are  well wishers of pensioners along with senior leaders of NAC Delhi Shri Ramesh Bahuguna ji and Shri Ajit Kumar Joshi ji.

Some very important dignitaries  are being invited to the national conference. Special thanks to the Hon Labor Minister and the MP Sir. Hundreds of salutes to all the members of the organizing committee and the NAC Delhi team.


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