Providing justice to 70 lakh EPS 95 old pensioners of the country. A compassionate call for justice of old EPS pensioners



Hon.  Labor Minister,

Govt.of…………..(Name of State)

……………….(Name of Capital)

Subject :- Request for providing justice to 70 lakh EPS 95 old pensioners of the country. A compassionate call for justice of old EPS pensioners.

Respected Sir /Madam, We are happy that a sensitive and talented leader like your honour is sitting on the post of Labor Minister of the state.  Please accept a special greetings from our organization NAC.

Honorable Sir/Madam, it is humbly submitted that our organization works at the National level for the welfare of EPS 95 pensioners of our country and is fighting for the social security of EPS 95 pensioners of Employees’ Provident Fund Organization for the last 5 years.  These EPS 95 pensioners are getting on an average  Rs 1,171 only, per month as a pension. Whereas, they  have deposited Rs.417, Rs.541 and Rs.1250 per month as the contribution during their entire  service period.

In absence of medical facilities and a very meager pension, these pensioners are living in a very pathetic and dying condition. Also, about 250 pensioners are dying every day.

We have had the privilege to express our anguish/grievances to the Central Government/ administration many times.  We also got the  assurances but till now no decision has been taken by the Government.

Many agitations were carried out by our organization from Tehsil / District level to the national level to take the compassionate call of the  old aged pensioners to the Central Government. We have conducted demonstration in the National capital at Jantar Mantar and Ramleela Ground Delhi in this  month, from 01.08.2022 to 08.08.2022 . Thousands of the old aged pensioners participated in  this nation-wide Delhi movement in the capital our country, Delhi. 

In order to seek the Central Government’s attention towards the compassionate call of old pensioners, we are also carrying out  a Chain Hunger Strike for the last 1339 days in front of the District Magistrate’s office in the Headquarters of our organization NAC, Buldhana (Maharashtra).

Honorable Sir/ Madam,  lakhs of EPS 95 pensioners of your state are also affected amongthese aggrieved pensioners.

 Our just demands:-

 1. Minimum pension of Rs.  7500 / – + Dearness Allowance should be given.  This reasonable demand has been made in view of the increased inflation in 7-8 years (Rs.3000 or more and dearness allowance thereon) as per the recommendation of Koshyari Committee ( Rajya Sabha Petition 147).

 2. Withdrawing the interim advisory letter dated 31.05.2017 issued by EPFO, higher pension should be provided as per EPFO’s circular dated 23.03.2017. This is as per the Hon Supreme Court order. We believe that the minimum pension is Rs.7500+ DA and the option of higher pension on actual salary, if both these demands are approved together, then the number of pensioners opting for higher pensio shall reduce drastically because of the  increasing age, non availability of the amount to be deposited.

3. Provide free medical facility to all EPS95 pensioners and their spouses.

4. Retired employees who have not been included in the EPS95 scheme should be brought under the scheme by making them a member or Rs.5000 / -.  The amount should be provided as pension.  The number of such retired employees in the country is very less.

You, being well-wishers of old pensioners, we not only hope but have full faith that you will play an important role and provide justice to us without delay.

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