EPS 95 Higher Pension Cases Hearing News 10.8.2022: Pre lunch Proceedings before Hon’ble Supreme court started with one bail case than at 12.20 pm EPS 95 proceedings started with pensioners lawyers Mr.Shankar Narayan started arguing.

Now proceedings .Mr.Shankar Narayan cited the example of Hindustan Copper Ltd an exempted trust organisation where approval has already been granted and implemented for pension on actual salary.He very convincingly mentioned that only PF funds are maintained by Exempted trust not the pension funds which are maintained by EPFO, he also mentioned that the amended pension on higher salary was only circulated by EPFO through circular dt.23.3.2017 without any discrimination between exempted and un-exempted organisation after the approval of CBT highest forum with the due approval of Government also. 

Mr.Shankaran very logically mentioned that RC Gupta Judgement by Hon’ble Supreme court does not restrict the pensioners from exempted trust from amended pension as EPFO SLP in respect of exempted trust have also been dismissed by Hon’ble Supreme court itself.He said exempted and Non-exempted does not makes any difference as money ultimately goes to EPS pension fund.

He submitted the two tabulated figure mentioning the average salary of pensioners who had already received amended pension which contradict the exaggerated figures given by EPFO.Mr.Shankar Narayan also mentioned that the EPFO employees are paid salary by the earnings earned through the both funds,though EPFO lawyer Mr.Aryam Sunderam raised objection that it is paid from administrative fund of EPFO.

At number of times judges raised several queries which were seems to successfully answered by Mr.Shankar Narayan.Proceedinfs will resume after lunch.JS.Duggal General Secretary BKNK Sangh.

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