Very Imp Meeting were organised for EPS 95 Pension 7500 Hike, Key Decision were taken for EPS 95 Pension Hike 7500+DA


Important Message :-

Some important decisions taken in the national level Zoom meeting dated 19.03.2022. In this important Zoom meeting, the NAC Chief Commander Ashok Raut ji, all the chief coordinators of North, South, East and West India were present in the presence of other prominent leaders of the country.

NAC Chief praised and congratulated all the NAC leaders/members on the successful agitations/ performance at all EPF offices from 07.03.2022 to 11.03.2022 and during CBT meeting in Guwahati.

Important decisions taken-

From 24.03.2022 to 07.04.2022, the nationwide campaign to save pensioners will be carried out more effectively.

1.CBT Chairperson/All CBT members will be requested to meet our NAC’s groups of  representatives and will be given notice of movement. Note: The responsibility of this program is being given to the teams of Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Jalgaon under the guidance of the respective state presidents / chief coordinators.

2. Request to all MPs to get the demands of EPS 95 pensioners approved in the same session of Parliament. Direct meeting with the MP/their representative of their respective area in the group and also handing over the notice of Satyagraha/fast unto death at their office/residence.

Note:- As far as possible, this program should be completed on 26th or 27th March 2022 (Saturday and Sunday)

3. Organizing a huge national level decisive movement in Delhi-

There was a vigorous discussion on this topic.  All the leaders expressed their anger towards the Government/administration because our members are leaving this world day by day , so immediately solution is needed in the ongoing parliament session in Delhi. They talked about a decisive movement, expressed the hope that  the end justice was provided by the  Hon Prime Minister in this Parliament session.  Keeping in view the possibility of doing so, this decision shall be taken in the upcoming Shirdi (CWC) meeting of NAC with the unanimous consent.  The national leaders appealed to all that all the members should be fully prepared for a huge movement and

Decision of Delhi/National Movement will be taken in the upcoming Shirdi CWC meeting

4. The topic of organizing regional conferences in North, South, East and West India was discussed. Proposed Regional Conferences of North India- Uttarakhand, South India – Bangalore or Mysore, East India – Bhilai or Kolkata, West India – Ahmedabad

Conferences will be conducted with the coordination of the Chief Coordinators of the concerned area.

5 Upcoming 7th CWC meeting of NAC will be held in _Shirdi_ (Maharashtra) on 17th and 18th April 2022

All the above important decisions were announced by NAC Chief Commander Ashok Raut ji.

Special request :-

1. The program of sending post cards to the Hon Prime Minister by EPS 95 members will continue.

2. A program to meet the Chief Ministers/Governors and other dignitaries of our  respective states and giving  memorandum there off will be carried out during this period.

Long Live our EPS 95Pensioners Unity


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